About the Llamas: Freedom and Independence

About the llamas: Freedom (and Indy)

Freedom and Independence (Indy) are quite the pair.They are closely bonded. Freedom is the brown and white mare on the right, Indy is the brown one on the left.

They came to us during a hot, summertime rescue from Yakima. We don’t know too much about their geneology. They arrived underweight and heavily laden with parasites (they had been abandoned in a drylot). We had them examined at WSU Pullman and it was determined that aside from being neglected, they were both in good shape. They relaxed in greener pastures with us for a while and we trained them to accept a halter and stand while their feet were checked and their coats brushed. Freedom leads well, and Indy is glad to follow her.

They have now moved on to their new home together in West Richland, WA.