We’ve been gluten-free for 20+ years… We know how to make it look (and taste) great!

All of our baked goods are gluten-free, and most can be made dairy-free as well. We’re a small, dedicated, custom-order bakery. We’re very experienced with making adjustments to meet our customer’s needs. When you contact us to place your order, just let us know what allergens you want to avoid.

Our selection includes an array of delicious gluten-free breads, buns, muffins, baking mixes, pasta and pizza dough. We also have gluten-free baking supplies, recipes, and more. All of our baked goods are made from organic and certified Kosher ingredients, and quality is *never* compromised. No longer do those on a gluten-free diet need to endure poor texture and taste in their baked goods!

Unlike most gluten-free products on the market today, our products are free of bean and soy flour. We use a variety of gluten-free ingredients, including AprèsVin grape flour and pure varietal grape-seed oils. This helps people avoid the unpleasant side-effects that often accompany bean products.*

But (most importantly) our specially crafted blend of flours results in a far superior product with a texture and taste nearly indistinguishable from wheat products. In fact, our customers tell us that they don’t hesitate to serve Giggles products to friends and family, even when they are not on special diets. They’re that good!

*Ingesting soy and bean-based flours can result in some unpleasant side-effects, including excess gas and gastrointestinal upset. Plus, soy and bean products can give a sour aftertaste. Our recipes do not use soy or bean flour, with one exception: the multi-grain bread does include bean flower. We found for that one that using some bean flour made enough of a difference that we went with it. All other baked goods are soy and bean-free.