Gayle Noga

Giggles Gluten-Free, LLC, was founded and is owned and operated by Gayle Noga.

Origins: Gayle has been gluten-intolerant (Celiac) for over twenty years. In fact, she nearly died from it.  She learned a lot along the road to recovery, and she is happy to share her expertise. She also noticed how dissatisfied she was with the gluten-free breads on the market. They all tended to be dense, heavy and poor tasting. A lifelong baker, she painstakingly developed new formulas so that she and her family could once again enjoy delicious baked goods.

Today: Gayle shares her gluten-free expertise, good cheer, and delicious baking with hundreds of grateful customers. She specializes in catering to those with special needs by providing custom formulations that are both tasty and nutritious.

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