The Molalla Branch (Portland Metro Wholesale)

The Portland Metro Wholesale branch of Giggles Gluten-Free Bakery was created when three sister-friends were llama packing in the mountains of eastern Oregon.

Gayle, Joyce and I spent our days hiking and our evenings talking about everything good in life, including the benefits of gluten-free food. I learned more about the trials Gayle has experienced with Celiac Disease, and how she changed her life by developing the tasty food she shared with me and Joyce by the campfire. I was also reminded that Joyce (a shining, bouncing picture of health) eats an entirely gluten-free diet.

It got me thinking. Many others, all dear to me, also suffered from serious gluten intolerance and food allergies. I mail my Mom gluten-free foods she can’t buy in her small home town. It certainly seemed like there was a need for more gluten-free options. Then I thought about my brother. He has access to all the wonderful markets in Portland, but still he has trouble finding gluten-free foods that don’t contain potato, another common allergen. Another dear friend has made amazing improvements in the quality of life for her sons who suffer from autism by following a gluten-free plan from a renowned naturopath. I doubt these are isolated incidents. In fact, I think the numbers are growing as awareness and options expand. A whole lot of people can’t eat gluten, and they may need to avoid other allergens as well.

My own path to healthy eating started on those llama pack trips. I noticed a change in the way I felt when sharing gluten-free meals with my friends. At first I chalked it up to the moment. After all, who wouldn’t feel great in the mountains with all that fresh air, exercise, and time with my best friends? When I started feeling tired and achy on the way home, I always thoughts it was the end of vacation blues. But over time, I realized the problems were actually caused by the sandwich or pasta I’d order in the restaurant on the way home.

Now that I limit the wheat I feel so much better. But I noticed there is still a problem. Most restaurants don’t have very many gluten-free options. And even if gluten isn’t in the list of ingredients, most often the food is being prepared in a kitchen that does contain gluten. For folks who are extremely sensitive, that simply doesn’t work.

For the last three years, Gayle has been encouraging me to open a branch of her bakery here in Molalla. I finally decided it was time to bring those campfire dreams to reality. So here it is – the opening of the Portland Metro area wholesale branch of Giggles Gluten-Free Bakery! I’m starting out by offering gluten-free breads and sweet treats to small restaurants and coffee houses (at wholesale prices), and also selling the brownie dry mix and vegan/gluten-free egg replacer at farmer’s markets and health food stores.

Please contact me if you’d like to schedule a product sample tasting or talk about wholesale discounts and delivery schedules. Click here for the current list of what I have in stock.

From our hearts to your lips,


Julie Waters
(971) 222-9158