Gourmet Dry Mixes

Our dry mixes make it so easy to do it yourself. Bake your own delicious, gluten-free goodies at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home. Hot and fresh sweet breads, pancakes,  and brownies… Ready when you are!

Sweet Breads:

Asher’s Applesauce Maple Bread Mix A delicious, light-bodied sweet bread that makes an unbeatable snack.

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Buffy’s Pumpkin Sweet Bread MixA hearty sweet bread to accentuate any meal – or serve by itself for a nutritious snack.

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Labaro’s Apple Spice Pancake Mix Cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon, allspice – plus little bits of apple… it all adds up to a delicious fluffy treat. Great for special weekends or decadent dinners. 
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    Mighty Fine’s Pumpkin Pancake Mix Another light and fluffy option, this time with a decidedly pumpkin bent. A new twist on a classic flavor, it’s a super-easy path to a guaranteed happy gathering.

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    Brownies: Mariah’s Double Chocolate Brownie Mix Arguably the only thing better than our 6-pack of brownies is when you mix them at home and bake them yourself! Moist and sweet with a double dose of chocolate, they’ll fill your home with such a delicious sweet scent.  (We won’t tell if you lick the beaters – or eat the whole pan yourself!)

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