Breads, Buns & Pizza

We bake a variety of fresh, gluten-free breads, buns, pizza dough and stuffing cubes. (Plus some really terrific sweet breads!)

Note: we are an artisan custom bakery. All products are made by hand in small batches, not by machines! Given this, product appearance may vary from one batch to the next.


Laszlo’s Coconut Bread (NEW)
This yeast-free, grain-free bread is tender and filling. It has a texture very much like cornbread, and can go toward sweet or savory. Enyoyed it with soup or chili, or try it with your favorite fruit preserve.  If you’re on a yeast-free diet, this is the bread for you!  [About Laszlo]

Dalia’s Flatbread
This fresh, supple bread is so veratile! Top with your favorite sandwich makings and off you go. Our favorite toppings: eggs & cheese, cream cheese & jam, or try a BLT with avocado & sprouts. For dinner, try adding pizza toppings or melt some gorgonzola crumbles on top and serve with soup. Yum!

Juniper Dune’s Yeast Bread
Everyone’s favorite… a delightful, light-bodied yeast bread. This is a reliable go-to daily option, a perfect gluten-free bread.

Sunshine’s Sourdough Bread
A gluten-free sourdough? Yes! Tangy and sweet with a real sourdough flavor. 

Juniper Dune Stuffing CubesThese cubes make perfect dressing. We use the same dough as the Juniper Dune Yeast Bread, but transform it into crispy little cubes. Packaged in a one pound bags, they’re ready for whatever you want to add. Try grated carrots, celery, and onions, and perhaps some cranberries, oysters, or any other favorites. Give yourself and your guests a special treat this holiday season…  or any day. Real stuffing! (Gluten-free, of course.)


RR Rowdy’s Hamburger and Hot Dog/Deli Buns
Light and airy, these buns are the perfect wrapper for burgers, hot dogs, and deli sandwhiches. A fabulous gluten-free option – perfect for lunch and dinner, picnics, and BBQs! Hamburger buns (round) come in 6-packs. Hot dog/deli buns (oblong) come in 8-packs.


Emmy’s Italian Spice Pizza Pie Crust
Put pizza back on the menu! Our gluten-free pizza pie is the real deal… thin, crispy crust with nicely chewy edges, and strong enough to hold all your favorite toppings. The 12″ diameter makes a large pizza. Order the 2-pack for extra savings. (You can stick the extra in the freezer, or invite some friends over and have a good time all around!)


Asher’s Applesauce Maple Bread
A delicious, light-bodied sweet bread that makes an unbeatable snack. This is a seasonal favortie, available September – January only.

Buffy’s Pumpkin Sweet Bread
A hearty sweet bread to accentuate any meal – or serve by itself for a nutritious snack. This is also a seasonal offering, available September – January only.

Dolly’s Cinnamon Raisin Bread
Cinnamon… raisins… and it’s gluten-free. Need we say more? Morning breaksfast (and late night snacking) just took three giant steps forward.

Dolly’s Cinnamon Raisin Rolls
The same sweet cinnamony goodness as Dolly’s Bread, but these are formed into generous size rolls, and come in convenient 6-packs.

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