Pies, Cakes & Sweet Treats

Pies & Crisps: Freshly baked with Gayle’s famous gluten-free and incredibly-light-and-flaky pie crust! Or we can ship you pie shells that you can fill and bake yourself.

Freedom’s Pumpkin Pie
A traditional pumpkin pie with a special twist… perfect for finishing your Holiday meal.  Add your favorite whipped cream or vanilla ice cream and Enjoy! Available from September to March.

Flower’s Apple Pie (or Crisp)
Tasty, light, and full of locally grown apples (when available) plus a special homemade spice blend… it all adds up to a classic treat. Enjoy with your favorite vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, or caramel sauce. It’s the perfect cap to a winter’s meal. (Should you have any left, it’s extra good for breakfast!)

  • We also have Sweet Potato Pecan, Lemon Meringue, Peach Crisp, and Cherry Dream. Plus fresh berry and fruit crisps when the fruit is in season.
  • Gayle makes freshly baked gluten-free pies by special order only. Please place your order 3 days in advance. Pickup or delivery in the Pasco/Tri-Cities area only.
  • We also have Bake-at-Home Gluten-Free Pie Crusts so you can make your own pie with a guaranteed perfect crust. We roll the dough out and place it gently in an pie tin, then prebake it just enough to make sure it’s stable for shipping. We pack it up with lots of protection and ship it off to you. They hold up beautifully, so they’re perfectly reliable to get anywhere you need them to go. Add your favorite filling and call it good. (Order one for yourself, and send one to a friend!)

Cakes: Really? Gluten-free cake? You bet! Gayle works her magic and turns out rich, moist, yummy cakes every time. (That’s what happens when you’ve been baking all your life.) Guess that’s why people from all over the U.S. order Giggles Gluten-Free cakes for all sorts of occasions – birthdays, parties, weddings, you name it… The only hard part is deciding which to pick:

  • Chocolate, Lemon or Yellow
  • Double Layer
  • Rounds: 6″ and 9″ and 10″
  • Squares: 9″ and 12″
  • All Pasco/Tri-Cities area cakes come with a simple icing. (If you want something fancy, we’ll send it out to a professional cake decorator.)
  • All shipped cakes are sent without icing. When it arrives just handle carefully, cover with your favorite icing, add the candles or decorations, and Viola! You’ll have a beautiful (and delicious) celebration.
  • Seasonal Extras: Peach Spice (August-September) and Apple Spice (September-November). Both come as a single layer with glaze topping.

Sweet Treats: there are three scrumptious sweet treats waiting for you… They all come in 6-packs (3 oz per serving). But here’s a gentle warning: they’re popular – and they go fast! (You may want to consider ordering two or three packs at a time.)

Sunset’s Apricot Bar (NEW)
A rich and buttery cookie base topped with apricot preserves loaded with coconut, hazelnuts or pecans, and love.  It makes a great mid-morning pastry, or drizzle with cream or serve with your favorite ice cream for a scrumptious dessert. Yum-o!

Leela’s Hazelnut Blondie (NEW)
This recipe was developed after we had an opportunity to purchase some ground hazelnuts and hazelnut coffee syrup  from Freddy Guys.  The result is a  very moist, rich, fine-grained blondie. It’s delicious! (We did our testing for this recipe with a group of *very grateful* friends… boy, was it ever a hit!) Try some at your next gathering, or just sit back and enjoy it with a nice mug of tea or coffee.

Mariah’s Double-Chocolate Brownies
Yes, brownies! (Who said gluten-free wasn’t fun?!) Moist and sweet with a double dose of chocolate. Need we say more?

Extras: We also have 3 Sweet Breads they’re definitely breads, but almost sweet enought to qualify as a treat… Asher’s Applesauce Maple Bread, Buffy’s Pumpkin Sweet Bread and Dolly’s Cinnamon Raisin Bread.

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