Gluten-Free Consulting

Consulting – Gayle does onsite consultations and training for hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. With the steady increase in people requiring gluten-free, dairy-free and other special dietary accomodations, commercial and institutional kitchens are coming around. Offering allergin-free options is becoming a necessity.

Gayle brings over twenty years of gluten-free expertise to the table. You may know that going gluten-free involves a whole lot more than swapping out some ingredients, but do you know what exactly is required? Are you aware of the potential health impacts for your customers (and liabilities for you) if you get it wrong?

Consulting clients have often remarked on the significant value and cost-effectiveness of calling Gayle for guidance and training. Indeed, this is one area where it really pays to find out what it takes to get it right. Contact Gayle for details about consulting options.