Artisan Bakery

Giggles Gluten-Free is an Artisan Bakery. What does that mean? Artisan baked goods are hand-crafted, not mass-produced. The reason is simple: baking in small batches creates better quality goods.

Each small batch is made with special attention to character and flavor. We select the best ingredients and follow traditional methods. This approach takes a bit of extra skill and experience when it comes to gluten-free baking. In order to create the best taste, the character of gluten-free ingredients must be honored. We’re not just trying to replace wheat – we are highlighting the exceptional benefits of gluten-free through the proper blending of ingredients and careful attention in handling, hand shaping, and baking.

Gluten-free ingredients do not respond well to the extensive processing that is inherent with mass-produced baked goods. The quality suffers. You will see and taste the difference when you choose gluten-free baked goods that come to you fresh to you from an Artisan Baker.